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a child restraint for every child, in every car, on every journey, every time.

We hate to hear about anyone being involved in an accident or a collision. We do love to hear when mifold has helped protect children in cars.

In the mifold Hall of Fame, we tell you about the families who have survived accident and collisions thanks to the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat.

All the testimonials below are from customers who wrote to us to share their experiences. These are their own words. Some Hall-of-Famers have created videos with us.

See how thankful they are for the protection the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat offered their children and please share your stories with us at fame@mifold.com

We all walked away from the wreck without any hospital stays. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my kids were saved because they were properly placed in car seats and booster seats. I have been wondering how the mifolds would withhold a wreck, and I am now 100% confident in saying they work!! My babies are safe!

— Kylynne Huber

We had one child in a mifold and one in a traditional booster. Both children ended up unharmed, though the one in the traditional booster complained of a sore shoulder. Now that the younger one has learned how to use the mifold she’s also using one. We love mifold.

— Lela White

When we were rear ended … at a red light, the only child to have soreness? My son. In a traditional high back booster. From the belt that was almost, but not quite, where it needed to be. The lap part was still too high on his waist. He was sore for several days. My girls [in mifold]? Perfectly fine

— Kennedy Lantz

I had five children in the car. My nine-year-old was in a mifold (she was uninjured), my four-year-old was in a five-point harness, forward-facing (he got a little seatbelt burn on his neck). I suffered some burns from the airbag deploying, but that’s all. We feel rather blessed, overall, with the outcome of the accident.

— Nancy Heiss

We were hit by a car turning left while we we’re going straight. I had three kids in the back seat. One in a five point harness, one in a normal shoulder belt and one in a mifold. The child with the should belt had some abrasions on his neck from the belt and the child in the mifold only had a little bruise from the belt. The mifold did it’s job great! I look forward to getting one for my 3 year old next year when he is old enough.

— Kate Kent

The truck was pushed and slid and then tipped over on its side onto a median. The children had to be passed out the rear window and my husband had to crawl out of the sunroof. They all walked away with just bruises. Korbyn, who was in the middle rear, was in a mifold seat and it did its job and kept our little girl safe. Thanks mifold for your interest in child safety, you made a great product!

— Justynn Flaherty

You guys just saved the lives of our kids yesterday. We had just landed at JFK and had a car accident on the highway on the way to the city. Two cars out of the 4 involved were a total-loss, nothing happened to our kids, mifold saved them.

— Itay Banayan

Our family has been in four accidents since we got our mifold seats and I am grateful we had them because they kept my kids safe.

— Kamey Valquinto

Our rental car slid off one side of the road to the other, and even rolled before landing on the driver’s side (totalled). We all got out from the top - passenger side of the car. It was definitely a scary experience, but Dilara was just fine, thanks to the safety of her booster seat!

— Tarisa Tugun